A Vacation to Learn

Jaipur is fast emerging as not just a cultural centre but a centre for literary pursuits and discussions thanks to the annual Jaipur Literature Fest that happens in the city in the month of January or February.

The fest attracts world renowned artists from within the country as well as from international destinations. The years before have seen acclaimed authors from around the world as well as India holding panel discussions on myriad issues of the world. Audience flock from all over to witness the great minds at work and also to get a chance to indulge in Q&A with the authors.

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Book stalls selling the classics as well as current bestsellers are set up by publishers for all bibliophiles. There is also a lot of opportunity for aspiring writers to get inspiration from the authors as well as pitch their ideas to the various publishing houses.

A lot of the audience consists of people looking to spend some time in the serenePink City. A budget accommodation is the ideal choice for these guests. Hotel Holiday Home Jaipur is a clean and convenient budget accommodation. The hotel is close to the railway station and provides easy access to tourist attractions of the city.

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